Nogo Farms, Restoule, Ontario, Canada. Cattle, Construction and Maple Syrup
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Peter Learn has been raising free range pigs on his property attached to Nogo Farms since 2009. Each year demand for his free range pigs has expanded and his waiting list of customers is the best endorsement a farmer could ever have.

To keep up with the demand of locals and a select group of City Folk in Toronto Pete is expanding his pig operations in 2016. Sourced from a reputable pig breeder in the area LP (Little Pete) is going to be growing out about 25 piglets this year starting in late May. LP is excited to be expanding into some heritage breed cross pigs.

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Nogofarms is a family based company. We deal in beef cattle, pigs, construction, forest management and maple syrup. We are currently working on plans to expand our family farm to include market gardening and farm stays.

Our farm is in Restoule, Ontario. Nogo has a herd of Limousine cross beef cattle. In the Spring our family is busy making maple syrup and calving. During the summer months we keep ourselves busy making hay and doing construction projects (septic beds, roads and all types of jobs that need heavy equipment). Fall and Winter are spent managing forests and keeping warm.

Living and working in Restoule gives us many opportunities, our family are active members in the Lions club, church and fire department.